Natural Stones In Outdoor Design

Nothing is more beautiful and sophisticated than genuine natural stone used for outdoor paving. Sympathetically complementing not only garden design natural stone offers subtle interplay of tone and texture that is unmatched by a man-made substitutes. Each slab is individually quarried from the rock face, resulting on its own unique look. This individuality can be further enhanced by combining slabs of different size to create a truly distinctive design.


culture-stone---slate-JHCS08-1336026568-0Some of the most common and popular stones used in outdoor pavings are slate, limestone and sandstone. Slate is a traditional paving material favored for its fine-grain finish, durability and subtle variations of tone and texture. It is available mostly in three colors matching stepping stones you can create traditional or contemporary look to suit your own taste.

c75a5e5aa1a6959dbaa880ab6563d0e7Limestone is a sedimentary rock created on the ocean floor over millions of years. It’s high calcium carbonate contact gives it a smooth, hard wearing surface. Limestone is available in three colors – contemporary Kotah blue; warm, traditional Kotah brown and dramatic minimal black – all of which are available with matching stepping stones.

One of the most popular paving materials, sandstone is made up of small grains of quartz that are naturally cemented together. It is renowned for its natural beauty and resistance to weathering, making it the perfect choice for any garden design.It is available in classic Autumn brown, Striking mint which may contain small fossils and Raj Green which is a mixture of subdued green brown and gray tones. _13019Home Depot offers a great selection of natural stone for for outdoor decoration and pavings. So if you don’t know where to start, that would be a good starting point. Go to your local home depot and one of the employees there will be able to help you to choose well and help you learn about maintaining natural stone pavings etc.

Once you pick a design, you should inform yourself about maintaining, since some of the natural stones are more durable than the others. Constant humidity penetrating from soil into the stone can be one of the challenges. Irreparable damage can also be caused by permanent humidity in combination with immigrated minerals or salts, out of the subsoil or foundation. These stains may first appear as dark spots, which come and go for some days, but after some month they change the mineral structure of the stones and stay forever. If salts are involved, the lime crystallizes not only on the surface, but also in the capillary system of the stones. This causes chipping and destroys the surface. This effect can be observed in all climate zones. The only way to prevent these irreparable problems from the beginning is to protect the natural stone in a proper way, before installing.

The easy way to create striking designer features, is with pre-cut slabs to avoid time-consuming and expensive on site cutting. Use a focal point in a larger paving scheme or on its own as an eye-catching feature patio.

With organic shape stepping stones are easy to lay and ideal for creating a less formal look. They are available in natural limestone, slate and sandstone and can be used with a variety of materials including grass, slates, gravel and bark.

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