Sometimes the apartments for rent Grand Prairie TX are given permission to redecorate according to a renter’s taste and choice. Redecorating the apartment promotes special effect. It also makes the apartment appear bigger and larger.

Some of the basic decors for brightening and elongating the apartment are-

Use light colours- light colours are known to make rooms appear bigger. When soft hues are used on the walls, congested rooms feel and appear to be larger.

Hanging a Mirror-mirror always reflects light. When a mirror is hanged opposite a window, light bounces back in the room. The room appears to be airy. Larger the size of mirror, better the appearance will be. A lamp or fixture will also have the same effect as a mirror.

Installing Floating Shelves- the shelves offer space for storing and avoiding the bulkiness of bookcases and chests. These shelves can be used instead to nightstand.

Use matching curtains- curtains have the tendency of blending with walls. This helps in creating unbroken line. In turn it makes the room feel spacious and larger.

Use vertical straps- the vertical straps help the low ceiling appear high. Vertical straps can be painted on wall or drapes can be used.

Hang kitchen utilities- hang the kitchen utilities such as chopping boards, spatulas, etc. in the wall rack for clearing drawer space.

Keeping space between walls and furnishings- keeping the furniture’s and walls few inches apart will make the room appear more spacious and open.

Use mobile furniture- shifting and moving the furniture from one place to another helps in increasing the space of a room. In case of arrival of guests for overnight stay, areas can be vacated by shifting the furnishings to spare room.

Use corners – the corners of an apartment is always ignored. It is always a perfect place for squeezing in a chair or bean bag. A bookshelf can also be kept. It makes the room appear lively.

Faking big windows- faking big window imparts appearance of window taller. Consequently the room will also look taller. Rods above the frame of window does not draw eye upwards. Installing the curtain rods just a few inches below the roof  is the trick for faking higher windows. In order to visually expand the width of window, rods should be hanged past the window panes.

The above mentioned tips help in extending individual rooms of apartments for rent Grand Prairie TX.